The Masters of Time


Highland warriors sworn to protect Innocence through the ages…

Aug 2009 Book 5

Aug 2009
Book 5

Mar 2009 Book 5

Mar 2009
Book 4

The Masters of Time

Sep 2008
Book 3

The Master's of Time

Oct 2007
Book 2

The Masters of Time

May 2007
Book 1

Desire is the first weapon

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The Deadly Series now available on Audible!

New York City—1902

Welcome to the world of the Francesca Cahill—crime-solver extraordinaire!

An irrepressible heiress and intrepid sleuth, Francesca Cahill is engaged to one of the city’s most notorious millionaire bachelors, Calder Hart. But Francesca is far more interested in solving ghastly crimes than in taking tea. Her pursuit of thugs, madmen and murderers takes her from the glittering salons of Fifth Avenue into the dangerous, crime-ridden underbelly of lower Manhattan. And more often than not, the city’s powerful Police Commissioner, Rick Bragg, is at her side, because first love never really dies.

Welcome to the truly remarkable world of Francesca Cahill, Calder Hart and Rick Bragg, a world where pride, passions and prejudices always collide…